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New Canadian satellite constellation to assess environmental impacts

David L. Emerson, Minister of Industry and Minister responsible for the Canadian Space Agency (CSA) and Marc Garneau, President, CSA, have announced the details of funding in the 2005 federal budget for the development and construction of a series of three Earth observation satellites. The satellites will monitor environmental impacts on earth and promote sustainable development. In the 2005 federal budget, the Government of Canada committed $3 billion for research, regional development and sectoral support.

These three-satellite radar constellation will benefit Canada and other nations by providing more timely and comprehensive data than is currently available, and the ability to track ice conditions and support ship navigation in the St. Lawrence, the Great Lakes and along Canadian coastlines. It will also support disaster management by detecting oil spills, monitoring floods, aiding forest firefighting, and providing information on the evolution of disaster areas worldwide. The radar constellation will ensure Canadian sovereignty and security through coastal surveillance by satellite in all weather conditions.