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New Bathymetric map of the Arctic Ocean

East View Cartographic is happy to make available a newly published 1:2.5 million scale bathymetric map covering the entire Arctic Ocean. Entitled “Central Arctic Basin” [Tsentral’nyi arkticheskii bassein], this unique cartographic work in four sheets was just issued in late 2002 by the Russian Ministry of Defense’s GUNiO (Department of Navigation and Oceanography). It is the culmination map result of data developed from numerous surveys done over the past forty years by the world’s premier authorities on the Arctic: the RF State Hydrographic Enterprise; the Arctic and Antarctic Scientific Research Institute [AANII]; and the Scientific Research Institute of Arctic Geology.

The map (in Russian) depicts the entire Arctic Ocean along with topographic mapping for the adjacent land areas of the Russian Federation, Greenland, and Canada. The bathymetric data is impressively dense–isobaths are drawn at 50, 100, 150, and 200 meters and every 200 meters thereafter. (Land contour lines are equally detailed, including for permanently ice-covered territories.) The map of the Central Arctic Basin is the product of a state-of-the-art scientific approach in the depiction of underwater ocean relief and represents a significant contribution to knowledge of the nature of the Arctic. It permits the precise determination of structural features of the Arctic Ocean’s floor, and pins down the position and configuration of sea mountains, underwater depressions and basins, including those previously unmapped. To facilitate its use by non-Russian speakers, each map set is accompanied by a complete English translation of the text legend and explanatory note.