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New ArcGIS Explorer enhances geoprocessing

California, US: A new release of ESRI ArcGIS Explorer offers  improved access to geoprocessing services and expanding available maps in the basemap gallery. It is a free, downloadable globe viewer with GIS functionality. It features a new analysis gallery that allows users to directly connect to and use geoprocessing services.

To use advanced analytic tools, users can click the tool in the new gallery. Additionally, the basemap gallery has been updated to offer new ArcGIS online imagery as well as topographic and street maps. Finally, Bing Maps services (Aerials, Hybrid and Roads) are built right into ArcGIS Explorer and are ready to use with no registration required.

The basemap gallery has been improved with the new Manage My Basemaps option. Users can now customise the basemap gallery by adding or removing basemaps from it or even changing the thumbnail image associated with each basemap. The new release also supports enhanced layer package properties, improved feature labels, and the ability to fly along user-defined paths.

Source: ESRI