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New App Warns Israeli Citizens of Missile Strikes

Israel: The Israeli missile red alert has teamed up with a new innovative app known as ‘Yo App’, that warns about incoming missiles. The users of the app follow RedAlertIsrael within the app and receive an alert whenever spotted attacks are inbound. Red Alert provides real-time warnings of mortars or missiles fired into Israel by Palestinian militants. The app has been developed by a San Francisco-based Israeli and has a unique style of notifying users by sending ‘Yo’ as a text and audio.

The app has been downloaded two million times across the globe since April. The creators of Red Alert – Ari Sprung and Kobi Snir – aim to use Yo's simple push notification service to reach out to a larger pool of citizens who may be at risk from attack. According to an Israeli newspaper, the Yo notifications are meant to complement the Red Alert app, which has a more comprehensive breakdown of the imminent threats.

Source: BBC