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New and improved interactive real estate market information for 1,100 German cities and municipalities

HVB Expertise is now offering on its English website real estate market information at www.hvbexpertise.com for almost 1,100 German cities and municipalities supported by an interactive GIS by AED-SICAD, based on ESRI’s GIS core technology ArcIMS. It allows the search for information via maps to start directly on the homepage and does not only show the selected spot, but all municipalities within 30 km distance for which current market information is available. The site covers the places of residence of 44.5 million inhabitants, over 54 % of the German population.
The attractiveness of the site is reflected by the access data in 2006.

Early 2003 HVB Expertise started its still unique form of presentation for property market information in Germany with 400 cities and municipalities. After entering the city name and optionally – the street name, the user will receive current charts on rents and prices for up to five property types (condominium apartments – new buildings, second-hand sale; single-family homes, semi-detached houses; terraced houses and developed land), as well as basic structural data (population, unemployment rate, purchasing power index, completed apartments) for 1,084 cities and municipalities in Germany, including an interactive geographical map. Altogether nearly 3,200 charts are generated from 16,400 data sets. Location qualities of over 190 cities are differentiated in the categories simple, average, good, and very good; among this are the 68 biggest and 102 of the 116 county-free towns in Germany.

“Within four years our interactive research system has established itself firmly as a reliable information platform not only for private customers, but also for numerous renowned financial service providers and property professionals “, says Raymond Trotz, Head of Valuation at HVB, concerning the improved website.