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New Airphotos reveal more detail than ever before

The GeoInformation Group, publishers of Cities Revealed, announces the forthcoming release of the UK’s highest resolution off-the-shelf aerial photography. This extraordinary new digital database will offer users even more ground detail of an urban area than ever before. The seamless aerial photography of Southend-on-Sea, which has been commissioned by Southend-on-Sea Borough Council, is the first commercially available database; to be produced at 6.25cm¾practically halves the highest resolution photography currently available on the UK market. Such a significant increase in detail will assist air photo users in the detection and identification of finer features on the ground including manhole covers, fire hydrants and curb stone detail that may not otherwise be detected at lower resolutions.

Projects requiring an enhanced level of detail from low-level photography is especially advantageous for those involved in urban-based projects¾an area in which Cities Revealed products specialise. Such data will provide its end users with an immediate and greatly enhanced site assessment on-screen. Southend-on-Sea BC intends to use the new photography across all its departments by integrating the imagery within the organisation’s Autodesk MapGuide GIS. The photography will be utilised within a vast range of applications. For example, the Technical and Environmental Services anticipate using the information for transportation and highway maintenance purposes, the Emergency Planning team for identifying precise building location and Insurance and Risk Management for determining risk assessment of council buildings, as well as the location of internal foot-ways, trees and fencing. The photography, which has already been captured at a scale of 1:4000 covering an area totalling 72 square kilometres, will be made digitally available later this year. The data will be geo-referenced to the Ordnance Survey National Grid and correctly positioned to Landline specifications assuring users that the data fits their existing applications. As with all Cities Revealed aerial photography datasets, the photography will be delivered with the latest free version of the image management software, CRImage Manager.