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New air quality monitoring system for Europe

Munich, Germany: GAF AG – earth observation and geo-information solutions provider, has been awarded a contract by the European Commission (EC) to develop “obsAIRve” tool. In its role as consortium leader, this project will involve GAF together with the partners T-Systems, German Aerospace Center (DLR) and the Umweltbundesamt (Austria), designing and developing a new air quality system for the European public. It will provide the first sustainable Europe-wide service for air quality monitoring and forecasting supporting the European “Global Monitoring for Environment and Security” (GMES) initiative.

Reliable air quality forecasts covering periods of up to 3 days are now possible by combining satellite based and in situ observation data using statistical computations and numerical models. “obsAIRve” will apply results obtained from Europe’s air quality forecast systems. This will ensure one uniform European air quality service providing real-time and user-friendly data across Europe.

The main intended user groups are citizens, the health and leisure sector as well as public authorities. “obsAIRve” will disseminate air quality information via dedicated web portals and mobile applications using T-Systems ICT infrastructure. The information will enrich existing services such as weather and environmental portals. Additionally, individual notifications will be available to specific user groups on request. This enables people at risk to behave according to environmental conditions.

“obsAIRve” intends to bridge the gap between research results of GMES related projects and the European public. According to GAF AG press release, awareness of the citizens for environmental issues and activities of the European Commission shall be increased by setting up dedicated marketing campaigns at the European level.
“obsAIRve” is part of the European “GMES” initiative. The project will initially be financed by the European Commission as a pilot project for a period of three years.

Source: GAF AG