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New address cleaning & geocoding solution from MapInfo, MapMarker UK 2.0

MapInfo announced MapInfo MapMarker v2.0, a new UK address cleaning and geocoding solution designed specifically to work
with UK address data and to provide superior performance and pinpoint geocoding for users across all industries.

Two versions are available depending on the level of geocoding accuracy required: MapMarker UK ADDRESS-POINT, providing geocoding to individual
property level and matching the accuracy of Ordnance Survey’s MasterMap and MapMarker UK CODE-POINT offering geocoding down to a postcode centroid.

MapInfo MapMarker UK 2.0 also provides an improved address cleaning capability that, by correcting inaccuracies in the postal data, will both
increase geocoding accuracy and the percentage of data that will geocode.

The superior performance of MapInfo MapMarker UK 2.0 will enable any public or private sector organization, that relies on address data for customer
service, market analysis or business intelligence, to locate customers and assets on the ground with greater accuracy and consistency than ever before.

MapMarker UK 2.0 is available in either Desktop or Developer Server
versions, enabling numerous deployment options from a single user to enterprise-wide, and is also fully web-enabled for organisations to deploy via a corporate intranet. MapMarker is fully compatible with other MapInfo products, including MapInfo MapXtreme and MapInfo Professional, as well as
with any ODBC database and a wide variety of system environments.