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New 4 camera AKCP cameraProbe8 enhances capability

AKCP, Thailand-based environmental and security monitoring firm, announced an upgrade to their cameraProbe8. Pictures from 4 different cameras may be viewed simultaneously on its Linux based environmental monitoring device. The cameraProbe8 supports a wide range of external analog cameras.

Customers can use their existing analog security cameras or purchase sophisticated night vision or low cost CCTV cameras. Up to 3 external cameras can be plugged into the cameraProbe8 along with the internal motorized Sony CCD image sensor.

The cameraProbe8 will capture the video from the analog cameras, digitize them and compress them into a jpg. The jpg image can be streamed to a web browser using AKCP’s integrated java applet, Active-x or javascript. The jpg can be stored locally on the cameraProbe8 using it’s internal flash memory or sent to a host using ftp.

This upgrade is free to all existing cameraProbe8 customers that have the latest hardware.