Netherlands aids developing countries with Land Registry knowledge

Netherlands aids developing countries with Land Registry knowledge


The Netherlands: The Dutch government and the Land Registry are joining forces in defence of land rights in developing countries. Development minister Lilianne Ploumen and the Land Registry have launched their partnership Land Administration for National Development (LAND) in The Hague.

The first Land Registry experts will leave for Mozambique to help their Mozambican counterparts issue five million land use certificates as quickly as possible. “In many countries no one’s sure what belongs to whom,” says Ploumen. “This causes conflicts and funding problems, which get in the way of urgently needed investment. Women suffer especially from this problem. Registering land rights properly will foster food security and economic growth for everyone.’”

In Rwanda, the Dutch Land Registry has already helped map out ten million plots of land and facilitated the issue of eight million certificates. This has reduced the number of disputes over land ownership from 100,000 to only 5,000. Tanzania’s land registry has also shown interest in Dutch expertise, which the LAND partnership will make more easily accessible.

Source: The Netherlands government