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Nepal to set up geo-information database

Nepal: As preparation for plans to set up multi-purpose large scale maps and a geo-information database for Kathmandu Valley, the Survey Department organised a high-level consultative workshop with geospatial information custodians and other key decision makers from various government agencies to map out how they can promote the sharing of geospatial information across the government.

During the workshop, attendees identified the need to break the ‘silo mentality’ that persists in many organisations by leveraging ICT to make it easier for government agencies to leverage spatial and non-spatial information.

In addition, as various government agencies work on producing their own maps, most of the time the maps produced have been found to be inadequate and prepared without following national standards and specifications.

As the National Mapping Organisation of Nepal, the Survey Department has set up a goal to prepare updated maps and spatial information that can address the requirement of all different users and stakeholders.

Furthermore, the department is continuing its efforts to meet the growing demand for geospatial information by establishing the foundation needed to disseminate timely, accurate and updated maps and geographic information.

Source: Future Gov