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NEODAAS website relaunched after UKRI’s recommission

The NERC Earth Observation Data Acquisition and Analysis Service (NEODAAS) has announced the relaunch of its website, after UKRI’s Natural Environment Research Council (NERC) recommissioned it for further five years in 2019.

Hosted at Plymouth Marine Laboratory and overseen by the National Centre for Earth Observation (NCEO) of the NERC, the NEODAA, helps in sharing the processed and ‘analysis-ready’ Earth observation (EO) data to scientific community in the United Kingdom.

The NEODAAS helped supported 33 oceanic research cruises in between 2013 and 2019. It also shared custom satellite EO data processing for 89 research projects, and helped in the delivery of the process data from 163 flights of environmental research aircraft carrying remote sensing systems.

Its influence on the advancement of science could also be understood from the fact that has contributed to 350 scientific publications, over 100 conference presentations and 14 book chapters in the same time period. The NEODAAS data portal consists of 1100 registered users from 92 nations.

NEODAAS has seen several changes since the first year of its recommissioning. These include the modernizing the systems that are used for data processing and research cruise support, helping standard products to be shared much faster, helping with a good foundation for adding new satellite sensors, as also creating custom products in consultation and coordination with users.