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Nearmap brings precise roof geometry measurement through API Integration

US: Nearmap, a company that delivers high-resolution aerial imagery as a service to businesses across the world, announced today the coming of a new roof geometry application programming interface (API) that enables users to remotely obtain a near real-time feed of detailed measurements and analytics for insurance claims, roofing and solar quotes, and more.

“Nearmap is removing the risk associated with roof measurement by providing safe, secure access to all forms of roofing information through customer applications around the globe. These applications not only provide meaningful answers to customers’ roofing requirements in every industry from roofing and insurance, to solar and government, but also offer insight into the gross economic impact of natural disasters within hours,” said Rob Newman, CEO of Nearmap. “That’s why we made the bold decision to provide roofing analytics through an API rather than dedicating our newly acquired technology to a single application. Now, anyone that requires a detailed understanding of roof geometry can easily access a near real-time feed of measurements and analytics on the current condition of the structures and infrastructures they’re working on.”

By providing technology companies with a consistent feed of detailed roof insights, Nearmap is turning what was once a professional service into a product available to a global set of end users through their software of choice.

“One of the key benefits that we are already hearing about from our customers and partners is how excited they are to be enabled with an ability to be more proactive rather than reactive in roofing-related decisions,” continued Newman. “This API will create a more streamlined process for precise measurements that will limit the amount of time anyone has to spend on the roof planning and performing other functions outside of actual roofing.”

Nearmap will be at the International Roofing Expo in booth #6533 on February 4-6, 2020 in Dallas, Texas. Stop by to learn more about the details and general availability of this new API, as well as what this news could mean for you and your business.