NEANY deploys Visual Intelligence iOne M+ multispectral sensor in Arrow UAVs

NEANY deploys Visual Intelligence iOne M+ multispectral sensor in Arrow UAVs


US: NEANY has expanded its partnership agreement with Visual Intelligence to deploy Visual Intelligence’s iOne M+ 108 megapixel metric mapping system in its unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV), Arrow. NEANY will utilise the iOne M+ system for large area high-resolution geospatial imaging for both military and commercial applications.

Arrow is suitable for both military and commercial operations and has been used for homeland defense and security, border and port patrol, urban mapping, counter-narcotics applications, disaster preparedness, and intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance (ISR). It is equipped with a 6-megabit TCP/IP data-link for disseminating valuable real-time intelligence, video, and situational awareness data. The company claims that Arrow’s fifteen cubic foot payload bay is the largest in its class and can accommodate sensor packages weighing just over two hundred pounds.

The iOne M+ allows aerial imaging companies to capture a larger footprint faster. The iOne M+ has larger than medium format, a footprint of 12,500 x 8,592 pixels, and near infrared (NIR) capability. It can generate orthoimages and imagery ready for exploitation in colour and multispectral 4-band with extremely high geometric accuracy. Weighing in at less than 20 pounds, the iOne M+ is based on Visual Intelligence’s patented iOne Sensor Tool Kit Architecture (STKA), an open systems COTS software/hardware foundation for high performing, multi-purpose 2D-3D geo-imaging sensors for aerial, terrestrial and mobile applications.

Steven Steptoe, President and CEO of NEANY said, “In the past, this kind of advanced geospatial imaging sensor has only been available in large formats suitable for larger aircraft. However, Visual Intelligence has successfully miniaturised it for unmanned vehicles. Additionally, as the commercial market matures these kinds of sensors will no longer be employed exclusively for military use and we see numerous opportunities for deploying this technology for commercial clients.”

“The geospatial industry is entering a new era that is seeing a dramatic increase in the number of ways advanced sensors are used as well as an enormous expansion in the range of environments where they are deployed,” said Visual Intelligence CEO and President Dr. Armando Guevara. “UAVs are one of the most exciting areas for the use of high-resolution metric imaging sensors. Visual Intelligence has taken a leading role by designing metric miniaturized sensors for use in non-traditional ways, including UAVs, smart phones, engineering, precision building interior mapping and more.”

Source: Visual Intelligence