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NDPL Wins Edison Award for Significant System and Business Improvements

India – GE Energy announced that one of its major customers, North Delhi Power Limited (NDPL) of India’s Tata Group, has been awarded the prestigious International Edison Award by the Edison Electric Institute (EEI). The award recognizes NDPL’s significant improvements in operations and asset management using GE Energy’s Smallworld geographic information system platform as the primary source of data for the enterprise.

Geographic information systems (GIS) are similar to on-line mapping systems and lay the foundation for smart grid networks as they unlock the full potential of important knowledge and data within the utility, making it available when and where it can be of most value. These systems also systematically integrate business processes. The resulting benefits of GIS for the utility include better management of assets, more effective operation and maintenance of networks, efficient commercial operation through effective planning and appropriate utilization of resources and greater return on investments.

According to the institute, NDPL “innovatively utilized and integrated” the GE solution with other applications for the company’s operational, commercial and asset management activities. EEI noted that the GIS initiatives have improved NDPL’s overall system reliability and produced significant reductions in non-technical losses.

NDPL is the first electricity distribution utility company in India to integrate a number of enterprise systems into a geographic information system. Their solution has seamlessly integrated GIS with 12 different applications including inter-enterprise applications (SAP), billing and the customer relationship management system. All the applications are web-enabled to allow valuable GIS information to penetrate the enterprise at all levels.

“We selected GE Energy’s Smallworld solution based on its ability to model and geographically display large complex transmission and distribution networks,” said Arunabha Basu, Head – Network Management, NDPL. “GE Energy’s smart grid technology solution has enabled us to experience substantial system improvement gains in the first system improvement scheme at approximately 10 percent of scheme value and more than a quarter million dollars in direct savings in the first year of the project’s completion.”

“GIS has been of immense help in our distribution system for the benefit of all our stakeholders,” said Sunil Wadhwa, CEO, NDPL.
In addition, NDPL has immediately realized a recovery of nearly a half million dollars in arrears payments using the location map extracted out of the GE platform. Technical feasibility time has also been reduced.

“We share the excitement and the pride with our customer in being presented this most prestigious award,” said Bob Gilligan, general manager of GE Energy’s transmission and distribution business. “We applaud NDPL as the pioneer company in India that has taken great strides toward successfully meeting the challenge of managing distributed assets, with the ultimate goal of a smarter power grid.”

NDPL, a joint venture between Tata Power and the Delhi Government, distributes approximately 1,200 megawatts of power to five million people with one million consumer meters, covering an area of approximately 550 square kilometers. Besides the most recent honor from the EEI, NDPL received the Asian Power Utility of the Year Award in 2007.