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NDMC to introduce smart map of the city

NDMC to introduce smart map of the city

New Delhi, India, July 07, 2007: By this year end, you can get information about facilities offered by hotels and restaurants in NDMC areas, zoom into your room if you have a house there, and make complaints about that drain overflowing next to you. You can even check out the buildings, roads and even streetlights at the click of a mouse, once the New Delhi Municipal Council finishes making the country’s smartest map.

The technology backing the project is a combination of Geographical Information System (or GIS, an accurate geographical map), Differential Global Positioning System (DGPS, a smarter version of GPS) and Management Information System (MIS, continuous data and analysis updated in the map).

The first phase of the project, expected to be completed by year end, will map out all sewer and water lines, and 14,000 manholes in areas under NDMC jurisdiction.

The system will eventually have 55 kinds of facilities, including details of all 12,000 manholes, 2,35,000 trees, 17,000 light poles, 12,000 buildings, roads, toilets and sewers in the area. Engineers meanwhile are adding more to the list of 55.

Restricted access
Access to the “exact maps” will be restricted in view of security concerns, NDMC officials said. They said some inaccuracies would be introduced in the system so that exact coordinates of prominent addresses such as Rashtrapati Bhavan, the Parliament, PM house, diplomatic enclave and other strategic locations are not misused. A special digital lock, with codes known only to two senior engineers, will secure the system. Hi-tech firewalls and passwords will also be put in place, officials said.