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NDMA India releases guidelines for disaster management

New Delhi, India: National Disaster Management authority (NDMA), India, prepared and released the National Disaster Management Guidelines for Information and Communication System (NDMICS). Speaking at the occasion, M. Shashidhar Reddy, Vice Chairman, NDMA, stressed that the holistic approach for disaster management calls for a foolproof communication system to ensure seamless flow of value-added information products on GIS platform not only in the response phase but also for prevention, preparedness, mitigation and recovery.

Reddy informed that to achieve this, it is contemplated to establish National Disaster Management Information System (NDMIS) at the central level (with a disaster recovery system at a safe location) that would be coupled to a dedicated and foolproof National Disaster Communication Network (NDCN) with particular emphasis on last-mile connectivity.

The NDCN will be network of networks by leveraging existing communication networks to provide connectivity to various emergency operation centres at national, state and district levels. It will provide assured multi services such as audio, video, data and knowledge-based information to meet the requirement of various stakeholders for proactive and holistic management of disaster during all phases of disaster management. It will establish separate satellite link network for providing foolproof communication during disaster. Estimated cost involved in this project is INR 943 crore and is now being examined by the Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA).

Reddy also informed that the NDMA is preparing guidelines for Reserve Bank of India for bank financing in infrastructure sector which would also include the communication sector. This will ensure disaster resistant design criteria in all the infrastructure projects and will go long way in maintaining better communication connectivity.

The Disaster Management Act, 2005 mandates the NDMA for preparing the guidelines on various issues. NDMA has so far prepared 16 guidelines on various disaster specific subjects and cross cutting issues. Every Ministry and Departments of the Government of India and State Governments need to prepare their disaster management plans. NDMA has also funded the States to prepare State Disaster Management Plans. Based on the guidelines, released by the NDMA which have been prepared with a participatory approach including all the Stakeholders, the National and State Plans should be prepared expeditiously.

Source: pib.nic.in