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NCPE wins BE Award for creation of an integrated content management system with ProjectWise

Beijing, China, 23 May 2007: North China Power Engineering (NCPE) received 2007 BE Award of Excellence for its creation of an integrated content management system based on the ProjectWise collaboration system.

The award, which was originally announced last month at BE Conference 2007 in Los Angeles, California, was presented at Beijing to Mr. Wang Rong, vice president of NCPE, by Dr. Jean-Baptiste Monnier, senior vice president, Bentley Asia-Pacific Operating Unit. The award category was “Plant Lifecycle Information Management.”

NCPE is using ProjectWise to manage, find, and share design, engineering, and project information among multiple disciplines, coordinate and streamline publication and co-signature workflows, and to speed project creation and work schedules. System functionalities, which are fully integrated with the firm’s ERP system, include directory and mapping, workflow, communication, version control, security, planning, and finished product.

The content NCPE is managing with the help of ProjectWise includes survey, design, and engineering data related to 142 600-kilowatt generator projects, 93 300-kilowatt generator projects, 102 5-million-kilovolt power line and substation projects, 118 2.2-million-kilovolt power line and substation projects, and 17 domestic and international general contracting projects. The ProjectWise system currently holds 19 data sources, 420,000 shared files, more than 52,000 process transfers and audits, and more than 240,000 published, archived, and delivered electronic documents and relevant hard copies.

North China Power Engineering is a provider of survey and design, engineering consultation, and general contracting services based at Beijing.