NAVYA announces first fully autonomous taxi

NAVYA announces first fully autonomous taxi

NAVYA fully autonomous taxi to operate in 2018

US: NAVYA has announced AUTONOM CAB, the first ready-for-launch fully autonomous taxi. The electric-powered AUTONOM CAB would provide a smart transport service for individual trips in urban centers.

The cab can carry one to six passengers, and has a top speed of up to 55 mph, but will average closer to 30 mph as it will mostly travel in urban areas and adheres to local speed limits.

Available as both private and shared service, AUTONOM CAB focuses on well-being and comfort.  It will provide a large number of services benefiting from fully connected technology. Users can order an AUTONOM CAB using a dedicated smartphone application (Navya App), and open and close the vehicle’s door to start it up. AUTONOM CAB  also has the potential to anticipate traffic jams and change its route accordingly to ensure that users can reach their destination on time.

AUTONOM CAB is slated to begin service in the second quarter of 2018.

AUTONOM CAB uses sophisticated multi-sensor technology with about 10 Lidar sensors, 6 cameras, 4 radars, 2 GNSS antennae and 1 inertial measurement unit (IMU). These sensors provide minimum triple redundancy across all functions and guarantee outstanding reliability. The onboard computer has the capacity to constantly merge data received by the sensor architecture. AUTONOM CAB’s intelligence is based on high-performance steering and detection systems that combine a number of cutting-edge technologies for safety enhancement.

For optimizing navigation, NAVYA has created its own mapping tool that generates the most comprehensive and precise cartography.

On the outside, AUTONOM CAB has a colored light band that communicates with its passengers as well as pedestrians. Inside, the glass compartment provides a panoramic view of the city