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NAVTEQ TRANSPORT selected by Trimble

Las Vegas, USA, 12 March 2007 – NAVTEQ, a provider of digital map data for location-based solutions and vehicle navigation, has announced that they have been chosen by Trimble and Telogis to supply NAVTEQ TRANSPORT truck attributes. Trimble’s TrimFleet family of products incorporates the GeoBase geospatial software platform from Telogis, which relies on NAVTEQ map data and utilizes the NAVTEQ TRANSPORT dataset.

NAVTEQ TRANSPORT, in conjunction with NAVTEQ map data, provides road attributes that directly affect truck routing. These attributes include legal restrictions, physical restrictions, and preferred truck routes. As an example, the detailed data included in NAVTEQ TRANSPORT allows fleet operations to route trucks away from low clearance areas and streets in which trucks cannot maneuver, helping to reduce incidents and minimize out-of-route miles. Furthermore, by matching routes to road-network reality, NAVTEQ TRANSPORT enables the development of applications that support more accurate route calculations.

Telogis’ GeoBase compiles NAVTEQ map data and NAVTEQ TRANSPORT into a proprietary, compact format – the GeoBase File System – that is optimized for high performance in enterprise applications. Trimble’s TrimFleet product line combines Telogis’ GeoBase software solution, NAVTEQ map data and NAVTEQ TRANSPORT to provide fleet owners with products that fit the needs of both small and large fleet operators. Trimble’s products offer a variety of solutions, ranging from simple tracking and messaging solutions to highly-integrated, location-based reporting.

“The truck attributes provided within NAVTEQ TRANSPORT offer additional value to those TrimFleet customers that require commercial routing for their fleet vehicles. We are pleased to offer this detailed road information to our customers,” said Mike Granruth, VP Product Development and Engineering at Trimble Mobile Solutions.

“By utilizing NAVTEQ TRANSPORT, we are able to extend the range of services that GeoBase provides to transportation solution providers like Trimble. This allows us to move further down our roadmap to provide the most complete geospatial platform available for the business to business market,” said Newth Morris, President of Telogis’ GeoBase Group.

“We are pleased the NAVTEQ TRANSPORT dataset is being utilized in innovative applications like TrimFleet and GeoBase. The ability to aide routing by incorporating height, weight and legal restrictions for trucks is a huge advancement for accurate commercial routing – particularly in the last mile,” said Roy Kolstad, Vice President and General Manager – Enterprise, NAVTEQ.

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