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NAVTEQ to provide map data for Intergraph

Madrid, Spain, 10 February 2007 – NAVTEQ, a provider of digital maps for vehicle navigation and location-based solutions, has been chosen by Intergraph, a leader in the provision of spatial information management (SIM) software, to supply the map data for Intergraph’s new GeoMedia Professional navigator, targeted to professional users.

GeoMedia Professional is the navigation software specifically designed for Utilities and communications companies, permitting the viewing and editing of corporate and navigational data on the same screen.

Among GeoMedia Professional’s many other functions is the capability to track employees, helping improve the management of mobile personnel. For instance, to reach a given location the driver may enter an address, the name of a client or indeed the identification number of an element in his or her network. The screen will then display the best route along with a breakdown of the directions. If the driver strays from this route, the software uses GPS positioning to automatically create a new one.

Furthermore, what the utilities and communications industry need are not so much routes from A to B as itineraries leading from A to Z via B, C etc. New GeoMedia Professional enables itineraries which require the driver to make deliveries or do jobs in a specific order.

The precision offered by high quality data allows Intergraph’s clients to have an improved response in alternative routes. As the routes are created in real time, the company can monitor elements such as unexpected stops, changes in the order of execution or drivers breaking the speed limits. Intergraph’s GeoMedia Professional can also be linked up with a central application over the Internet, allowing the user to send orders to employees, receive updated data and track mobile staff in real time.