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NAVTEQ to provide content on ArcGIS

Redlands, US: Esri signed an agreement with NAVTEQ to provide worldwide map data on ArcGIS Online and ArcGIS Data Appliance. According to Esri’s press statement, this is useful for organisations that depend on up-to-date, high-quality basemap data for routing and other location-finding tasks.

“Esri and NAVTEQ share a solid vision for providing a worldwide GIS database with high-quality and ready-to-use basemaps,” said Esri president Jack Dangermond. “This agreement reflects our users’ need for rich, detailed, and accurate map data, as well as Esri’s commitment to meet the needs of states, counties, local governments, and commercial organizations of all sizes.”

ArcGIS Online provides a common platform to find, share, and organise geographic content to build GIS applications. Through ArcGIS Online users can access ready-to-use global basemaps and task services such as geocoding and routing to build their own maps and apps, and easily share them with a broad community of users.

ArcGIS Data Appliance is a combination of hardware and data that provides the security and performance as per users’ need. The enterprise scalable server plugs into an organisation’s internal network and serves terabytes of worldwide reference map data.

Source: Esri