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NAVTEQ to power Panasonic’s Mobile Navigation System

Illinois, USA, 25 June 2007: NAVTEQ announced that it has been selected to provide Panasonic with NAVTEQ digital map data of United States, Canada and Puerto Rico for the recently launched Panasonic Strada CN-NVD905U. The navigation system will also feature SIRIUS Traffic available through SIRIUS Satellite Radio.

The Strada CN-NVD905U of Panasonic features a seven-inch, color touch panel LCD monitor with an intuitive interface and customizable destination menu providing for ease in route planning and destination searches. Voice guidance is also provided to heighten the user’s experience. Added to that, Strada CN-NVD905U receives live traffic information from SIRIUS Traffic, which uses NAVTEQ Traffic data. Users who choose to subscribe can receive continuously updated traffic information in 50 markets across the U.S. and Canada.

In addition, every Strada CN-NVD905U comes pre-loaded with NAVTEQ’s digital map data for the U.S., Canada and Puerto Rico. Users also have access to NAVTEQ’s Points of Interest (POI) database, which includes over 12 million POIs and other destinations across the U.S. and Canada.