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NAVTEQ Supports ESRI Enterprise License Agreement for Small Governments

Redlands, California―Leading data provider NAVTEQ will now offer a Small Municipal and County Street Data Enterprise License Agreement (ELA) as an accompaniment to the recently launched ESRI Small Municipality and County Government ELA program. Like ESRI’s popular ELA for small governments, NAVTEQ’s Street Data ELA will follow a straightforward, tiered pricing schedule based on population and is available to municipalities and counties in the United States with populations of 100,000 or less. This customized NAVTEQ offer is available only through ESRI to any municipality or county that meets the population requirements.

“The real value here is that jurisdictions can now use one consistent and accurate street dataset they can rely on for analysis, mapping, and visualization,” said Christopher Thomas, ESRI government industry solutions manager. “When a government chooses to combine the ESRI ELA with NAVTEQ’s Small Municipal and County Street Data ELA program, it will facilitate a rapid implementation of an enterprise-wide GIS [geographic information system].”

The NAVTEQ ELA can also be purchased as a stand-alone program by any county or municipality meeting the requirements of the ESRI Small Municipality and County Government ELA. However, to maximize return on investment, the offerings are designed to work together to strengthen government services with an organization-wide approach to implementing GIS.

ESRI and NAVTEQ recognize the importance of data in a successful enterprise implementation. Governments that choose to incorporate NAVTEQ map data will have

  • An inexpensive alternative to creating street data in-house
  • Access to regularly updated street data
  • The ability to use NAVTEQ data throughout an enterprise for desktop, server, and mobile applications

“We are excited to team with ESRI to offer NAVTEQ’s Street Data ELA,” added Roy Kolstad, vice president and general manager, Enterprise Americas, NAVTEQ. “We look forward to helping small jurisdictions achieve their visions for organization-wide GIS.”

The ESRI Small Municipality and County Government ELA allows unlimited deployments of ESRI ArcGIS software, which is an open and interoperable technology platform that provides advanced visualization and cartographic capabilities, spatial analysis, geographic data management, and more. ArcGIS software is a complete system to author, serve, and use geographic information. The technology gets geographic information to those who need it, including analysts, decision makers, field staff, and the public, through its support of mobile, Web, and desktop clients.

For more information on the Small Municipality and County Government ELA, visit www.esri.com/smallgovela .