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NAVTEQ releases complete detailed coverage map for Italy

Chicago, USA, 16 May 2006 – NAVTEQ announced that with complete detailed coverage of Italy, all roads have been fully attributed to the NAVTEQ data specification. NAVTEQ’s Detailed Coverage enables optimal functionality for customers developing turn-by-turn navigation applications for Italy using NAVTEQ maps, as it represents collection of up to 160 data attributes, such as access restrictions, one-way streets, and speed categories on all Italian roads.

Customers using NAVTEQ maps in Italy for on-board or off-board navigation, internet directions, proximity searches, fleet applications, and business and enterprise solutions will have access to data containing over 700,000 km of roads and 8,100 cities. Over 130,000 points of interests are also available in the data set including approximately 21,000 petrol stations, 19,000 restaurants and 9,500 hotels.