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NAVTEQ products turn smarter

US: Recently, NAVTEQ has made two anouncements. During IFA consumer electronics show in Berlin, the company has launched a new product, NAVTEQ Natural Guidance. And in Brazil, the company has launched NAVTEQ Traffic; delivering comprehensive, real-time traffic information to nearly 48 million people in six major cities, including Sao Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Belo Horizonte, Salvador, Curitiba and Porto Alegre.

According to company, NAVTEQ Natural Guidance will change the way navigation systems and applications interact with end users. It provides guidance in the same way as humans provide directions to each other—through the use of descriptive reference cues. For example, it guides by instructing, ‘turn right in 50 meters on Kurfuerstendamm’ or ‘turn right after the yellow shop” and so on.

Research shows consumers desire more intuitive and practical directions because it is easier to follow them. This also allows the user to keep their eyes on the road. NAVTEQ Natural Guidance enables applications to use recognisable and easily understandable points of reference close to the decision point to highlight the next manoeuvre.

NAVTEQ Natural Guidance is currently available for Berlin, Chicago, National Capital Region of Delhi, London, Los Angeles, New York, Munich and Paris. It plans to add more cities throughout Europe, North America and Asia Pacific by the end of 2011.

About NAVTEQ Traffic in Brazil, the company said that it has selected best-in-class data sources with years of experience in their local markets. In Brazil, this includes GPS probe data from consumer devices, including Nokia handsets. NAVTEQ’s advanced data aggregation methods, proprietary traffic modelling capabilities and stringent quality verification processes optimises and blends this data into a high-quality traffic service that is consistent with NAVTEQ’s global traffic offering.

NAVTEQ Traffic is currently available throughout North America and 14 countries in Europe. Its availability in Brazil is part of a significant global expansion effort.

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