Home News Navteq maps selected to enable ROUTE 66’s Mobile 2006 Navigation Solution

Navteq maps selected to enable ROUTE 66’s Mobile 2006 Navigation Solution

Navteq, the global providers of digital maps for vehicle navigation and location-based solutions, has been chosen by ROUTE 66 to provide Navteq maps of Europe, the United States and Canada, helping bring ROUTE 66’s Mobile 2006 to the European and North American markets.

Navteq maps include the detailed information necessary to ensure accurate routing. In addition, Navteq maps are infused with up to 160 attributes such as turn restrictions, one-way streets and street signs, and 46 categories of points-of-interest including restaurants, hotels, gas stations and banks. This type of information is critical to creating a navigation solution with the range of functionality and options that Mobile 2006 offers and ROUTE 66 customers expect.

The kit comes with a memory stick pre-loaded with navigation software and Navteq maps along with a Bluetooth GPS receiver. Users simply insert the memory stick into a compatible mobile phone, download the software and maps onto the phone and switch on the Bluetooth GPS receiver to transform their mobile phone into a complete navigation solution.

The solution provides voice and on-screen turn-by-turn routing. Users can set preferences such as the type of route (shortest or fastest), means of transportation (car, on foot and others) and distance units (kilometers or miles). Contacts’ addresses residing on a user’s phone can be displayed on the map to further orient the driver to the map or to their route. The history and favorite features allow selection of recent and popular destinations.