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NAVTEQ Map of Colombia is now available

Mexico City: NAVTEQ recently announced availability of NAVTEQ map of Colombia. With this new coverage, a northern Andean corridor exists for NAVTEQ customers to expand offerings of automotive grade quality applications for vehicle navigation, transport and logistics industries applications and wireless solutions, the company said.

This initial map represents 70 per cent of the road network in Colombia and over 230 municipalities. Approximately 15,000 Points of Interest (POIs) available in the map database enable customers to create applications that allow for destination selection via a POI look-up.  An added benefit is that the POIs are organised by category supporting customers’ efforts to create applications that allow for simple searches when the POI name is not known.

“Colombia is evolving as a growing market for our customers who develop navigation and location-based solution applications,” stated Helder Azevedo, general director for Latin America for NAVTEQ. “Providing them with fully navigable maps enables them to develop applications that will meet today’s needs and position them to quickly move into more advanced navigation functionality as the market matures.”

NAVTEQ provides approximately 2 million kilometres of coverage and over 2.5 million POIs through their offerings of fully navigable NAVTEQ maps of Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Mexico, French Guiana and Venezuela.

NAVTEQ maps use a standard global data specification as a foundation to build new coverage areas.  This build strategy includes the collection and verification of up to 260 attributes, making the maps highly suited for turn-by-turn navigation guidance applications. Additional enhanced 3D visual content is also available in some countries.

Source: NAVTEQ