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NAVTEQ map data supports QUALCOMM

Toronto, Canada, March 5, 2007: Geosoft Incorporated, a provider of software and solutions for the geosciences industry announced its collaboration with ESRI to deliver integrated software and data management solutions for the global mining and geosciences sector. The collaboration will result in a scalable and interoperable software platform that improves the availability and integration of geoscientific data for successful earth exploration and discovery.
“With record growth within the mining and geoscience sector, we’ve seen increased customer demand for global solutions that can scale to their requirement for sharing and integrating vast amounts of data,” said Tim Dobush, CEO of Geosoft. “We are pleased to be partnering with ESRI in the delivery of integrated solutions that will increase efficiency as well as discovery potential.”
The collaboration leverages Geosoft’s industry experience and robust workflows for managing and analyzing large earth datasets and ESRI’s GIS technology platform. The joint solution will provide geoscientists with faster, better ways to find and integrate their data for knowledge development and business decision-making.
”Our relationship with Geosoft reflects our commitment to helping global mining companies like Teck Cominco develop an enterprise spatial data management platform with strong analytical capabilities provided by an integrated set of workflow oriented products from both companies. We are thrilled to announce this strategic relationship with Geosoft and honored by the opportunity to jointly serve Teck Cominco in their forward looking strategy to integrate technology platforms for improved workflow support,” said Geoff Wade, Natural Resource Industries Leader for ESRI.