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NAVTEQ launches real-time traffic service in Russia

Russia: NAVTEQ launched real-time traffic service in Russia. It aims to deliver comprehensive, real-time traffic information to nearly 16.5 million people in three major cities – Moscow, St. Petersburg and Yekaterinburg.

According to recent Frost & Sullivan research, 93 percent of Russian consumers are interested in having access to real-time traffic information. Proprietary NAVTEQ research also shows with regular use, drivers with traffic-enabled navigation in this region could spend 18 percent less time driving on average than those without navigation–enabling Russian drivers to potentially spend four days less on the road each year.

NAVTEQ Traffic is a quality-tested, comprehensive solution that links up-to-the minute traffic information to map data and enables wireless transmission directly to in-vehicle navigation systems, personal navigation devices and cell phones. NAVTEQ Traffic delivers detailed information about traffic speeds, allowing drivers to make better routing and re-routing decisions.

“Moscow and other Russian cities are among the most-traffic congested cities in the world,” said Howard Hayes, Senior Vice President, NAVTEQ Traffic. “The launch of NAVTEQ Traffic in this region represents our continued dedication to deliver comprehensive real-time traffic information that saves travellers around the globe time and money.”

NAVTEQ’s Russian coverage includes close to 19,000 kilometres of roadways across the three cities, encompassing nearly 16.5 million people.

Source: NAVTEQ