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NAVTEQ launches real-time traffic service in India

New Delhi, India: NAVTEQ launched real-time traffic service, NAVTEQ Traffic Pro, in India. According to the company’s press statement, through Traffic Pro, the company delivers comprehensive, real-time traffic information to more than 26 million people in the country’s two largest cities by population, Delhi and Mumbai.
Research shows drivers in India who use traffic-enabled navigation on a regular basis can spend 18 percent less time sitting in congestion over those that don’t — the equivalent to almost three days saved on the road each year. Additionally, the findings show that drivers with real-time traffic experience reductions in distance travelled as well as increase fuel efficiency which could lead to a decrease in CO2 emissions per driver of 628 kilograms, or 23 percent less than a driver without a navigation system.
NAVTEQ Traffic Pro service is currently available in 24 countries. Based on the world’s most diverse traffic collection network, it provides peerless traffic information so consumers know where and when to drive to save time, fuel and frustration. NAVTEQ aggregates and analyses traffic data from a vast wealth of sources, including the world’s largest compilation of both commercial and consumer probe data, the world’s largest fixed proprietary sensor network, event-based data collected from government sources and billions of historical traffic records. 
“The launch of NAVTEQ Traffic Pro in India is another important milestone in our commitment to provide the highest quality, global traffic solution to our customers and commuters,” said Ogi Redzic, Vice President for NAVTEQ Traffic. “Mumbai and Delhi are two of the world’s most densely populated cities, which can be particularly challenging when it comes to helping people avoid traffic congestion. NAVTEQ’s unique expertise in global traffic processing provides an accurate and seamless traffic solution that will save travellers in India time, fuel and frustration.”
NAVTEQ has built its reputation not only on the quality of its data, but also creating products that meet the unique demands of the Indian travellers. The latest commercially released version of the NAVTEQ map of India map is available for more than 2,200 cities throughout India, covers 6.47 million POIs (Points of Interest) across 1.19 million km of the national road network.
Source: NAVTEQ