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NAVTEQ introduces NAVTEQ map voice data for Austria

NAVTEQ, a global provider of digital maps for vehicle navigation and location-based solutions, has released NAVTEQ Map Voice Data for Austria. NAVTEQ customers that license the NAVTEQ map of Austria can now integrate phonetic representations of street names and administrative areas for Austria into its products. NAVTEQ Map Voice Data is already available for France, Germany, Spain, Italy, the United Kingdom, Canada and the United States.

NAVTEQ Map Voice Data brings a higher degree of precision and usability to navigation systems. It reduces recognition complexities, improving output accuracy and expanding the navigation system’s dynamic routing commands to include street names and administrative areas. Many current navigation systems use generic audiovisual directions to guide drivers — verbal cues stating “turn left” or “turn right” in conjunction with a directional signal on the screen of the device. Navigation systems integrating NAVTEQ Map Voice Data can provide customers with explicit and clear audio instructions linked to specific road names. A customer using a navigation system powered by NAVTEQ Map Voice Data will hear ‘Exit to the left on Opernring in 50 meters.