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NAVTEQ identifies most congested cities in Europe

London, UK: NAVTEQ issued its experts’ rankings of the top 10 most congested rush hours in Europe. Topping the list are London, Paris and Dublin.

NAVTEQ composed its Top Ten most congested list based on a mix of criteria including greatest rush hour delay in Western European cities containing more than one million inhabitants. The Top Ten list includes: London, Paris, Dublin, Berlin, Stockholm, Hamburg, Manchester, Lyon, Vienna and Marseilles.

In Europe, NAVTEQ Traffic spans 13 countries providing traffic information. That information is based on data from sources including billions of GPS probe data points per month, a vast sensor network, as well as event-based data collected from bodies such as the police force, emergency services and road charge organisations.

NAVTEQ Traffic experts noted that, aside from variable issues such as traffic incidents, time of day and weather, traffic is influenced by constant factors, among them:
– Specific topographical circumstances, e.g. significant bodies of water like rivers, lakes or coasts, small valleys and high mountains.
– Population and working places in cities and suburbs creating different traffic situations.
– Intelligent interaction of individual and public travelling and transport systems.

Source: NAVTEQ