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NAVTEQ expands Latin America map coverage

Sao Paulo, Brazil: NAVTEQ introduced NAVTEQ map of Uruguay with emphasis on the more popular sun and fun destinations for tourists. Coverage includes over 36,000 km of roads. NAVTEQ verified coverage is available for trendy Montevideo neighbourhoods and shopping districts as well as the popular beach town of Punta del Este. 
The NAVTEQ map of Uruguay will initially support 3D Landmarks from its portfolio of visual content products. “Tourism in Uruguay has grown significantly in the last decade with over 2.1 million international visitors,” stated Fernando Villasol, Director South America map and content products, NAVTEQ. “Many of these visitors come from countries where navigation systems are commonplace.  With the NAVTEQ map of Uruguay, our customers have the potential to increase brand loyalty by offering these visitors navigation experiences similar to what they are familiar with in their home country.”
NAVTEQ offers technical customer support to assist customers in working with the NAVTEQ map database and products.  And because NAVTEQ standardises its map database to a single global data specification, customers can more quickly and easily expand their regional reach. In addition to Uruguay, NAVTEQ maps are available in Latin America for Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, French Guiana, Mexico and Venezuela. NAVTEQ’s Intermediate Map product is available for Bolivia, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Jamaica, Nicaragua, Panama, Paraguay and Peru.
Source: NAVTEQ