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NAVTEQ enhancing services in MENA countries

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Dubai, UAE: NAVTEQ is supplying NAVIGON technologies with map data for nine Middle East and North Africa (MENA) countries and also a range of innovative content for its launch in the region of a new range of personal navigation devices (PNDs).

NAVIGON AG is a provider of premium navigation technology. NAVIGON delivers software on mobile phone platforms and for the automotive industry as well as branded personal navigation devices.

With a commanding local presence across the region, NAVTEQ understands the importance of incorporating country specific nuances and details into its maps which are crucial for precise navigation. As people here tend to use Points of Interest (POIs) rather than addresses to select a destination in a navigation system, NAVTEQ has increased the number of these familiar markers to nearly 380,000.

In addition to Jordan and Saudi Arabia, countries offered with the NAVIGON PNDs include Bahrain, Kuwait, Lebanon, Oman, Qatar, UAE and Egypt. NAVTEQ accelerated its map building programme in Egypt following the lifting of the government ban on GPS mobile phones and navigation systems and now offers coverage of the country’s entire road network of around 75,000 kilometres.

Some of the key features of latest offering from NAVTEQ include: active lane assistant, NAVIGON Last Mile and pedestrian navigation, speed assistant, and Reality View Pro – 3D visuals designed to improve orientation in unfamiliar surroundings and including 3D City Models and 3D Landmarks showing prominent structures such as monuments and key buildings.

In addition, the new devices also feature NAVIGON MyRoutes which analyses driving habits and offers up to three alternative routes; Clever Parking to find the best available options; Bluetooth for handsfree phone calls via the navigation system. Regional features include a Mecca-Finder providing prayer times based on the users position; Desert Navigation for off-road driving; plus a high quality Arabic interface and voice guidance.

Source: NAVTEQ