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Navteq.com showcase launched

USA–NAVTEQ, provider of digital map, traffic and location data for in-vehicle, portable, wireless and enterprise solutions, announced the beta launch of a new NAVTEQ.com showcase featuring robust maps, real-time traffic and dynamic location content. The people, who drive the roads of the world to make the map of the world, now enable site visitors to explore a wide array of NAVTEQ resources at NAVTEQ.com.

For businesses looking for examples of location based content that meet the needs of today’s application developers, content providers and their end-users, NAVTEQ.com is the source for the most comprehensive and accurate geographic database products.

NAVTEQ.com showcase content includes:

1. The Freshest Version of the NAVTEQ Map:
2. Point Addressing
3. Junction Views & Sign As Real:
4. Branded Icons:
5. 2D Footprints:
6. Satellite Imagery:
7. Enhanced Elevation Contours:
8. Transit Access / Transit Stops / Taxi Stands:
9. Real-time Traffic Data:
10. Integration of Map Reporter:

“We created an easy-to-use experience to showcase to our customers, developers and partners the breadth and depth of NAVTEQ’s offerings,” said John MacLeod, executive vice president for NAVTEQ. “The new beta site features fresh data, new products and innovative ways to utilisze our mapping products. We hope that the NAVTEQ.com experience sparks new ideas and implementations in the industry.”