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NAVTEQ acquires Argentina-based NAVKEY

Buenos Aires, Argentina: NAVTEQ has acquired NAVKEY, the leading provider of digital map data for the Personal Navigation Device (PND) market in Argentina. The acquisition will provide NAVTEQ access to NAVKEY’s digital map assets licensed under the NAVIAR brand.

NAVTEQ provides quality navigable maps in 81countries, including Argentina. Incorporating NAVKEY’s digital map data into the NAVTEQ map will result in a premier map that will enable NAVTEQ customers develop navigation and location-based applications which will not only utilise highly accurate map data, but also a variety of products, such as NAVTEQ Voice and visual content.

“The opportunity for development of navigation and location-based services in Argentina is growing exponentially,” said Helder Azevedo, general director- Latin America, NAVTEQ.  “By providing customers with high quality products that have the potential to increase the utility of these applications and services, we are supporting not only our customers’ goals but also bringing new levels of experiences to end-users.”

In South America, NAVTEQ also provides maps for Brazil, Chile, Colombia, French Guiana, Peru, Uruguay and Venezuela.

Source: NAVTEQ