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NavQuest.com launches MAP IT tool

Florida, USA, 04 June 2007: NavQuest.com announced the launch of a new tool “MAP IT” for its online marine navigation service. The new feature allows marine businesses to map their location and trips through maps on the nautical charts and satellite images.

MAP IT includes features such as:

  • Send application through which the customized maps, satellite images and destination information with location, navigation directions can be send to customers
  • Sharing data application to publish user’s favorite fishing, marinas, surfing & deal locations
  • Put location information on the map.
  • Outsource map-enabling and destination information needs to avoid expenses associated with establishing, and maintaining mapping infrastructure platforms.

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    About NavQuest:
    NavQuest.com is the designer and developer of marine directions, navigation & business geographic software for online, wireless & proprietary electronic navigational devices. NavQuest.com is the creator and owner of a digital route network for waterways for mariners.