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Navman announces Jupiter 30 Ultra High Sensitivity Module for GPS Integration

California, USA, 19 April 2006: Navman announced on April 19 the latest addition to its product line – the Jupiter 30. Manufactured for embedding into any device that requires position specific information, the Jupiter 30 is an ultra-high sensitivity surface mount GPS receiver designed for rapid position fixes in low signal strength conditions. Jupiter 30 delivers an unprecedented minus 160 dBM tracking capability, bringing standard GPS functionality to previously impossible locations; such as inside buildings, parking garages, shopping malls and other indoor environments; inner city urban canyons; areas with dense foliage and in vehicles with UV-coated or athermic windshields.

The Jupiter 30 combines TCXO, LNA, flash memory and other select components integrated with SiRF GSC3 chipset into a package that is optimized for RF tracking capabilities possible, and delivers GPS acquisition in less than one second. This versatility, in addition to the unit’s rapid position acquisition, low-power operation and full use of the SiRF GSC3 power level modes, ensures wider integration capability and use in power sensitive applications such as battery-operated devices. Its powerful gain characteristics and optimized LNA and RF signal path design enable easy integration into products with active or passive GPS antennas. The Jupiter 30’s flexibility allows manufacturers to develop products for environments previously unavailable for standard GPS designs, effectively extending the practical functionality of LBS while minimizing design time and noise shielding requirements.