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Navitrak completes successful development and testing of new Airborne System

Navitrak International Corporation (Navitrak) announced that it has successfully completed the development and testing of an AeroNavitraker(TM) system specifically designed for enhanced airborne surveillance. The system, which incorporates Navitrak’s hardware and software along with an aerial camera, is targeted for use by international, federal, and state law enforcement agencies and will be debuted by Navitrak at the upcoming Airborne Law Enforcement Association (ALEA) trade show. The successful testing of this system marks the first time that this application has been adapted for a fixed wing aircraft.

The AeroNavitraker(TM) system was developed by Navitrak for the Pennsylvania State Police and installed and tested on one of the agency’s Cessna Grand Caravan aircraft. This is the first system to successfully integrate the AeroNavitraker(TM) with an Aerial Films XL36 camera to support airborne surveillance missions by providing precise geo-referencing of the camera’s visual field, which significantly enables data collection as well as many other mission critical requirements.

The AeroNavitraker is an airborne GPS-based moving map display that integrates with forward-looking infrared and video cameras for geo-referenced video recording. It shows where the aircraft is, what direction it is heading, and where the camera is looking. Designed to serve the navigation needs of law enforcement, search and rescue, military, utilities, and government firefighting and forestry services, this unbeatable combination provides unsurpassed accuracy, increased situational awareness and real-time advantage for the airborne observer.