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Navigation in UK at risk due to GPS jamming

UK: Satellite navigation systems face a major threat from GPS jammers in UK. These jammers can cause major maritime disasters in the English Channel. According to a study carried out by Senitel Project, there has been a rise in the illegal use of GPS jammers across UK.

These jammers are available for as little as EURO 50 and increasingly are being used in UK, most often by criminal gangs or lorry drivers wishing to avoid being tracked by GPS-based fleet management systems. However, a small jammer can cause major navigation breakdown across the English Channel.

According to the study by Sentinel Project, there have been over 60 GPS jamming incidents in just 6 months from one location. Due to GPS jammers ships can veer off their course, can give out false readings to other vessels about their position so risking collisions, and can cause communications systems to fail.

There have also been instances of ‘spoofing’ whereby GPS signals are generated to alter user’s perceptions of time and location.

The findings of the study will be presented at the GNSS Vulnerability 2012: Present Danger, Future Threats conference, scheduled to be held at the National Physical Laboratory on Wednesday.

Source: Physorg