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NAVIC to guide fishing boats in Indian state of Kerala

NAVIC, Indian regional navigation system to guide fishing boats in Kerala

India: Fishing vessels sailing out in the sea from the coast of the south Indian state of Kerala will be fitted with satellite-based navigational equipment from this year.

The Indian government is planning to promote the large-scale manufacture of satellite navigational equipment that can be supplied to fishermen as part of a project to ensure their safety in the sea.

The collaborative project with ISRO involves the use of NAVIC, India’s regional satellite navigation system, to warn fishermen about adverse weather conditions.

ISRO has agreed to supply 500 NAVIC positioning- cum- communication sets to be fitted on fishing boats for the trial run.

250 boats will be equipped with the sets in January 2018, and the rest of the equipment will be provided by February.

A master control room would be established in Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala, and it will be at the core of the early warning system.

The facility would be equipped to gather information from orbiting satellites of ISRO as well as data generated by INCOIS and the IMD.

A data network will link the master control room with six regional control rooms located in the coastal areas that would propagate information to the fishermen in the vernacular language Malayalam through the NAVIC sets upto a distance of 1,500 km from the coast.