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NavCom Technology,s new Safari Network SR-7100 Mark II was awarded COMNET Expo’s New Product Achievement Award for “Best Performance in Labor Saving/Labor Reducing Potential” at the 2003 COMNET Expo in Washington, D.C. on Tuesday, January 28.

The Safari Network SR-7100 is a mobile data communications network that extends the functionality of the wired local area network (LAN) into vehicles or remote sites. Safari Network provides secure high-speed Packet, Serial and IP services for simultaneous data, voice and video communication in the license-free ISM band. Each “cell site” offers up to a 20-mile radius of coverage with unlimited extension capability to overcome signal blockage or to create a seamless multi-cell network. With proprietary modulation scheme and single-point Network management, the Safari Network is a private and completely secure network for mobile applications. Typical applications of the SR-7100 include machine control, automatic vehicle location, security surveillance, campus and municipality WLAN, military data transfer and public safety services.