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NavCom Technology to unveil new product lines at the ENC- GNSS 2002 Show

NavCom Technology, Inc. (NCT) has announced that it will introduce its new line of RTK and DGPS products at the 6th European Navigation Conference – Global Navigation Satellite Systems (ENC-GNSS) Symposium to be held in Copenhagen, Denmark, from the 27th – 30th May 2002.

Visitors to the conference will get a first look at NavCom’s (previously announced) survey quality RTK GPS sensors for the survey and machine control markets: the RT-3010S, RT-3020S and RT-3020M. In addition to these products that yield centimeter-level accuracies in real time, NavCom will unveil three new real-time receivers with geodetic level capabilities offering decimeter-level accuracies for the Geographic Information Systems (GIS) markets: the SF-2040G, SF-2050G and SF-2050M.

NavCom’s new series of GIS sensors utilize NCT’s StarFire™ Network on a subscription basis. The SF-2040G is an all-in-one, robust, and lightweight dual-frequency StarFire™ DGPS sensor tailored for pole-mount applications. The SF-2050G & SF-2050M are fully integrated StarFire™ DGPS sensors designed for backpack portability and vehicle mounting applications, respectively. The StarFire™ worldwide differential correction service is available anywhere on the Earth’s surface from 76°N to 76°S latitude.

The ENC – GNSS 2002, held under the auspices of the European Group of Institutes of Navigation (EUGIN), provides a global forum to facilitate the advancement and application of telecommunication technology to the field of satellite navigation.