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NAV CANADA honors Intergraph with Award of Excellence

Canada: NAV CANADA has recognised Intergraph with an Award of Excellence as part of NAV CANADA’s supplier performance review programme. The award recognises suppliers that have provided outstanding support to the organisation.

NAV CANADA is currently with Intergraph to produce and manage the visual flight rules (VFR) chart series. According to a spokesperson from the company, the joint production and quality assurance teams will work with GeoMedia Professional software for the validation and production of the VFR charts. It is believed that Intergraph’s technology will enable NAV CANADA to better manage the workforce dedicated to chart production and supply more resources to core functions, such as aeronautical information management. Intergraph’s experience and expertise with charting capabilities benefit NAV CANADA with our goals in meeting the demands of the aviation industry and our customers. This award recognises the Intergraph team’s support for and dedication to our mission,” said Jim Ferrier, NAV CANADA manager aeronautical information management.

Source: Intergraph