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Natural hazards in Australia- A report by Geoscience Australia

Australian communities have a long-standing relationship with natural disaster; hazards such as bushfires, floods, and even earthquakes have become a part of this country’s history.

With the support of the Department of Transport and Regional Services (now part of Emergency Management Australia – EMA), Bureau of Meteorology and CSIRO, Geoscience Australia (GA) has produced a report describing the historical impact of natural hazards on our country, highlighting the importance of risk analyses and identifying the roles played in managing these hazards.

Natural Hazards in Australia will provide emergency managers and decision makers with the first simple, consistent and consolidated view of the issues related to undertaking a risk analysis for natural hazards in Australia,” explains Miriam Middelmann, editor of the report.

“This report covers the impact on Australian communities from tropical cyclone, flood, severe storm, bushfire, landslide, earthquake and tsunami. Emphasis is placed on identifying risk analysis requirements for these hazards and the phenomena that they cause, with a particular focus on their likelihood and consequence,” she said.

Natural Hazards in Australia was developed in response to a COAG report on managing natural disasters in Australia, which identified a need to establish a nationally consistent system of data collection, research and analysis, and develop and implement disaster risk assessments.

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A limited number of hard copies are available upon request from the Geoscience Australia Sales Centre.