Natural hazard maps for home buyers in the US

Natural hazard maps for home buyers in the US


U.S: Trulia, a U.S-based online marketplace for home buyers, has introduced three new interactive natural hazard maps. The maps inform the buyers about areas that are prone to wildfires, tornadoes and hurricanes.

trulia showing the areas that are vulnerable to hurricanes, in Tampa, Florida region of USA

Trulia uses data from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) from 1950-2012 to pinpoint areas that are prone to hurricanes. The map shows dark purple cells indicating accumulated wind energy over time. The hurricanes are displayed via tracks on the map, with the size of the track representing the power of the storm.

Wildefire vulnerability for San Francisco, CA as seen in trulia

Maps pinpointing areas that are prone to wildfires are developed by using US Forest Service Data from 2001-2010. The wildfire risk maps show recent fire perimeters and fire potentials. Red and orange denote higher risk of fire, while green represents less risk. Maps showing tornadoes also use data from NOAA. The tornado maps show accumulated energy from tornadoes, along with tracks for each storm from 1950-2011. The size of the track on the tornado map indicates the power of the windstorm.