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Natural disasters cost EUR 95000 mn to Spain: Report

Spain: “In a medium risk scenario, in the period of 1986-2016, natural disaster will cost Spain approximately EUR 95,000 million, according to a report by the Geological Survey of Spain,” stated Luis Suarez, President of the Bar Association of Geologists (ICOG), Spain. During a conference, organised by Spanish Federation of Municipalities and Provinces (FEMP) proposed that there is a requirement of State Land Act for natural hazard mapping in new urban plan. Luis claimed that it will help mitigate impact of natural disasters.
Luis observed that floods cause heavy losses throughout the Spanish territory every year. According to a report, prepared by the Geological and Mining Institute (IGME) in 1987, losses due to flood was estimated more than EUR 55,000 million during the period of 1986-2016, which is more than half of total economic losses (EUR 95,000 million). In its 2010 update, the report estimated that the average cost of geological hazards in Spain is between EUR 160 to 250 per person per year, representing more than 2 percent of state budgets. 
Luis stressed that Spanish citizens are at risk if natural disasters is not assessed seriously. To do this, there is a need of natural hazard maps for the entire territory. The maps will help determine level of risk and preventive measures. They are also useful in land use planning.
Luis opined that there should be training and educational campaign to spread awareness about natural disasters. In this regard, he highlighted the potential role of geologists and experts and urged to prepare guidelines for information from citizens. In addition, the Geologists Association President called for establishing the Geological Survey of Spain (IGME) as coordinator of a national plan for environmental mapping and natural disaster prevention. He also appealed to foster a new insurance policy in which premiums take into account the zoning vulnerable to natural hazards.
Source: ICOG