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National Park Service selects GPS-Photo Link

The National Park Service (NPS) recently ordered another 30 copies of GPS-Photo Link. This purchase contributes to the nation-wide roll out of GPS-Photo Link as a new tool for the National Park Service and parks around the country to link digital photos and GPS information. To date, headquarters and individual NPS parks have purchased over 75 copies. Now national parks from Boston to Alaska will use GPS-Photo Link by GeoSpatial Experts to map assets quickly and simply.

Over the next few years the National Park Service intends to inventory every single facility in over 350 park units. GPS-Photo Link will help them complete this job in a fraction of the time and at a fraction of the cost. GPS-Photo Link will allow the NPS to meet their requirement that they have a digital photo and a geographic coordinate for every asset, while providing good value, functionality and flexibility.

The new features available in the recently released 1.1 version of GPS-Photo Link enhance that flexibility. Features include support for UTM, and MGRS, local grid coordinate systems, and the ability to convert to most datums worldwide. Now customers can use the maps in their own coordinate system without having to run a conversion utility. Watermarks on photos will also show local coordinate systems.

Perhaps the most anticipated feature is an ArcView extension. With the press of a button, points on maps are hot-linked to photos providing enhanced usability. “So many of our customers use ArcView that this is a natural step. It allows users to integrate GPS-Photo Link into ArcView” states Rick Bobbitt, Owner of GeoSpatial Experts.