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National mapping organisations support open, free data

Rotterdam, The Netherlands: The national mapping organisations (NMOs) world over are working to cater mapping needs of society. The pre-conference exchange programme on ‘Monetising geospatial value and practices’ succinctly brought out the efforts made by the NMOs in this direction. The programme also highlighted their initiatives in providing open and free data on demand.

Quoting an independent study, Peter Ter Haar, Director of Products, Ordnance Survey said its data underpins over 100 billion pounds of British economy. Having customers at its prime focus, Ordnance Survey is working simultaneously with its commercial partners, industry developers, technology and SI partners and influencers. Being part of the government and also a self-financing organisation, Ordnance Survey is doing a balancing act. Informing that Ordnance Survey is providing map data up to 1:10,000 scales for free, he queried the audience on how a national mapping organisation can strike a balance between providing free data and priced data. He also stressed that national mapping organisations can increase the value of geospatial information and grow the market through collaboration and innovation.

Source: Our Correspondent